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The Energy Dept.


Creating a world that is just and equitable requires us to address systemic issues built into our energy systems; within its production, its delivery, its use, who has access and who is excluded. This transition may seem revolutionary, but appears that way only because the picture of how we got here, and where we are going, is becoming clearer.


All we do here at the Energy Dept. is foster your capacity to respond to the energy needs of an empowered community.

What we do

We're your energy department while we help you build your own. The Energy Dept. at UNPREDICTABLEcity can provide the following services while increasing your organizational capacity:

  • Data collection and creation

  • Internal process building

  • Community engagement and goal setting

  • Energy and climate analyses

  • Strategic and long-focus planning

  • Development of funding streams

Who we work with

Typically local governments, NGOs, community organizations and anyone who is trying to make the world a better place for everyone.  

What to expect

City planning staff across the world are recognizing that an energy perspective is necessary to fix the inequitable systems that we currently have in place. Working with you, The Energy Dept. will:

  • conduct an assessment of your current capacities for energy and emissions planning,

  • provide tools for analysis and the training to use them, and 

  • ensure your ability to facilitate an appropriate amount of community engagement, measured not simply by the number of people involved, but by the amount of their input incorporated into the final design.

We have worked with all levels of government and keep the cost and time commitments to a minimum.

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